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About Us

Sangita Roy

Fashion Designer

Nari in saree – It has two non-trivial terms ‘Nari’ and ‘Saree’. Nari means women and Saree is normally symbolized as an unstitched garment with a single/multiple piece(s) of cloth draped around the body and held together at the waist. As per our heritage and culture, women wear certain traditional clothes for proper conduct, for celebrating festivals (e.g. Eid, Durga Puja etc.) or for participating in certain occasions, a saree is a traditional dress worn by Desi women. The name aka ‘Nari in Saree’ itself takes pride to express the bond between Women and Saree. As a woman, I believe that we grew up with the sense of being feminine fulfillment in saree as we saw our Mom & Grandmother around back in our country.

Our story started with a small chit chat when we were on a vacation in 2018 & it was not easy for me to grab everything in a snap while being settled overseas with my family. During that time, I had definitely put together a lot of effort to visit several places in India, communicated with artisans & gathered knowledge with my 2 years old younger son & my in-laws. This is how the journey began & I literally became so passionate about it and started fostering this ethnic dress diving deep into materials, color, type, design and tradition. I got that inspiration to explore it on a big platform with my family & many of my well wishers’ support, cooperation & embrace.

As a business analyst, I apply my experience to analyze product authenticity & bring a best quality outfit with reasonable price with true essence of our Desi tradition & handloom artistic. We always maintain a balance between our ethnic grace with the best materials. As I love to design, I always give my thoughts & discuss with my team to create artistic and innovative designs printed on Saree. We make the dress suitable for weddings, other special occasions, office or traveling.

If you have time, please come and see our designer collections in this Online store and explore the best outfit in the landscape. We need your support and feedback to make things better in future.


‘Nari in Saree’ has an exquisite collection of sarees; each one is unique, handpicked and tastefully chosen. You’ll find a variety of collection at a very reasonable price.
Sudeshna Chakraborty
Great Saree and I would recommend!
Nazmun Daisy
Thanks to Nari in saree for awesome customer service . All the Sarees I got from you guys quality basis I am 100% satisfied.Can’t wait to wear those.🌺Beauty
Happy Buyer
“Nari sari is one of my favorite places to buy saris. She has the best collection with great variety. She is also great to work with!”
Happy buyer
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